Controversies: Most Journalists Do Not Regularly Tune Into Sekulow’s Radio Show, Which He Claims Has 1.5 Million Listeners, But Maybe They Should.

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Sekulow became general counsel to Jews for Jesus and a year later he successfully argued a Supreme Court case on the group’s right to distribute pamphlets at Los Angeles International Airport. Sekulow then partnered with televangelist Pat Robertson, and eventually took over as head of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) — a nonprofit law firm Robertson founded as the conservative Christian answer to the ACLU. Sekulow has argued a dozen cases before the Supreme Court, mostly related to Christian right causes, winning eight and losing four. In recent years Sekulow’s career had focused more on politics and punditry. He advised the George W. Bush administration on judicial issues, as well as Mitt Romney’s 2008 presidential campaign. He hosts a widely syndicated radio show and makes frequent appearances on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show, among other news programs. Role: With his extensive media experience, Sekulow was initially expected to be the public face of Trump’s legal team. But last month John Dowd, the lead attorney representing Trump personally in the Mueller case, quit as Trump was “increasingly ignoring his advice,” according to the New York Times. Thanks to Dowd’s departure, and Trump’s inability to retain other legal talent, Sekulow is now the lead attorney representing Trump as an individual ( according to Vanity Fair, he’s also the one full-time attorney on Trump’s Russia-related personal legal team.) While Sekulow is known as a gifted litigator, he has no experience managing a complex criminal investigation. Controversies: Most journalists do not regularly tune into Sekulow’s radio show, which he claims has 1.5 million listeners, but maybe they should. Politico reported last month: Fourteen of the past 19 episodes of “Jay Sekulow Live” have involved freewheeling conversations about the Trump-Russia saga and what he calls the “deep state” bureaucrats out to get the president.  Fun Facts/Additional Controversies: Through the ACLJ and other charities, Sekulow and many of his family members have become quite wealthy. In 2005, the Legal Times reported that he used nonprofits to build “a financial empire that generates millions of dollars a year and supports a lavish lifestyle — complete with multiple homes, chauffeur-driven cars, and a private jet that he once used to ferry Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.” Background: An Atlantic City native, McGahn graduated from Notre Dame and earned law degrees from Widener University and Georgetown.

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