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Standing outside the courtroom, with television cameras rolling, Barr alleged that a Vermont official was arrested in China a few years ago while on a trip to promote Vermont’s EB-5 projects. Reporters then pressed Barr for the precise nature of the crime. “It was having sex with a minor,” Barr said. “And one of the other officials on the trip actually bailed out that official, so we’re trying to figure out who bailed out the other official, and why wasn’t this explained to our state, to our citizens.” Donovan says that if Barr has information related to the exploitation of a minor, then he has a responsibility to hand it over. “Let me be clear: If it occurred and Russell Barr has evidence that a state official committed child sexual abuse, I am calling on Attorney Barr to immediately turn over that evidence to the proper authorities,” Donovan says. Gov. Phil Scott says Barr’s revelation on Monday was the first he’d ever heard of the alleged arrest. Barr says the alleged incident occurred in 2013 or 2014. "I was as surprised as anyone else when I heard about that, read about that this morning. Certainly startling, certainly serious, if true." — Gov.

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